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One Puff™
The two-part Aspiration/Resuscitation instrument for newborn companion animals
One Puff It is not uncommon for puppies and kittens that are delivered via caesarean section to develop respiratory distress syndrome. As we all know, In order to resuscitate the affected animal the first step is to remove the amniotic fluid. This is done in most cases by swinging them in a half moon action between the legs while supporting the head and neck in the hands. Using the swinging method is dangerous and can cause cerebral hemorrhaging, not to mention the risk of dropping or launching the patient across the room.

The good news is there is a great alternative to these conventional fluid removal and resuscitation techniques. The One Puff is a hand-held two-part aspiration/resuscitation instrument for new born companion animals. It offers a simple and safe method of clearing the respiratory passageway and pumping air into the animal to stimulate respiratory reflex. more info...